Whilst based in Glasgow I’ve met many great musicians, Glasgow natives and relatively recent arrivals like saxophonist Tony Bevan. I’ve had to pleasure of working with Tony as well as rehearsing with the Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra. Most recently I set up a short series of concerts featuring improvised music and composed pieces ranging from Erik Satie’s “Vexations” to Ornette Coleman’s “Ramblin’ “. Following flyer is from concert #2

Peter Urpeth Trio (Peter Urpeth, Ollie Brice and Terry Day) with Ntshuks Bonga – playing driving improvised music, released live album “Wraith Island” in 2017

Bonga / Champion / Mwamba Trio – first came together in Newcastle (Paul Bream having suggested the combination). This trio played the Gateshead International Jazz Festival in 2013 (see video on media page) and released the CD “Paperstone Suite” in 2016, the music having been recorded at the Paperstone Studio in Nottingham in 2013.

Bonga / Champion / Mwamba publicity shot

Kay Grant / Ntshuks Bonga duo – This is a long standing improvising duo that covers the spectrum from abstract textural explorations to melodic playing, all evolving organically

Kay Grant / `Ntshuks Bonga