Ntshukumo “Ntshuks” Bonga

Biog (brief)

Born Johannesburg, South Africa, moved to London with family aged six.

Lessons on guitar & violin at school. Some private instrumental tuition and work shop experience, but mostly learnt through method books and “on the job” on saxophone and clarinet. And still learning.

Past projects & collaborations (excert)

Various wonderful Maggie Nicols groups circa 1991-1993

Louis Moholo’s Exiles (Louis Moholo, Gibo Pheto, Pule Pheto, Claude Deppa) circa 1992

Silapha (with Gibo Pheto & Pule Pheto)

Ntshuks Bonga’s Tshisa (with Marcio Mattos & Ken Hyder)

Robyn Hitchcock – live gigs and Moss Elixir album

Claude Deppa’s fabulous Horns Unlimited (12 horns, 3 percussion CMN tour in 1998)

Ntshuks Bonga’s Tokolosho (with Veryan Weston, John Grieve, Winston Rollins, Brian Abrahams, Mark Sanders, Julia Doyle) – recorded album Abo Bhayi in 1998

Lucky Ranku’s African Jazz All Stars

FJQ (with Robin Musgrove, Jerry Bird and Alfredo Genovesi) recorded FJQ in 1998

Lydia Lunch (fabulous winter tour in 2004)

Ntshuks Bonga’s Qwati (Claude Deppa, Sarah Brand, Alexander Hawkins, Oren Marshall, Mark Sanders, Greg Bonnie)

Orphy Robinson’s fantastic Spontaneous Cosmic Rawxtra – 2009

Corey Mwamba’s Heralds – Corey Mwamba, Dave Kane, Jake Blackmore, Alex Bonney, Arun Ghosh, Ntshuks Bonga – tour in 2011 playing Corey’s compositions, including the Worm”

Dave Draper / Ntshuks Bonga duo – recorded Snow in November 2011

Ntshuks Bonga / Alexander Hawkins duo

Royal Shakespeare Company – Greg Doran’s Julius Caesar tour 2012 – 2013 (UK, Moscow, New York, Columbus Ohio)

Ethereal World Music – led by Jackie Walduck & Rowland Sutherland – 2016 / 2017


Urban Ritual by Ntshuks Bonga’s Tshisa SLAMCD213

Abo Bhayi by Ntshuks Bonga’s Tokolosho NBCD001

FJQ by FJQ (Ntshuks Bonga/ Alfredo Genovesi/ Jerry Bird/ Robin Musgrove) RM1999

Moss Elixir by Robyn Hitchcock Warner Bos

Pressed up Black by Nikhil Singh OMTD

An Open Letter to my wife Mpumi by Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit OGUN OGCD 031

Snow in November – Dave Draper / Ntshuks Bonga FMRCD308-0511

For the Blue Notes by the Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit (Live in Milan 2012) OGUN OGCD 042

Duduvudu – The Gospel According to Dudu Pukwana – Edgetone Records ‎– EDT4144

Paperstone Suite – Bonga / Champion / Mwamba FMRCD422-0616

The Horse Box Vol 1 –

Wraith Island – Urpeth / Brice / Day / Bonga – FMRCD439-0217